Age: 1y -2y

Learning for Your Toddler

In our toddler program, your little one can channel his or her boundless energy and curiosity into fun activities in a safe, stimulating environment. Professional, patient caregivers guide your toddler through this period of immense growth, fostering cognitive, Social-Emotional, and physical development through art, movement, music, reading, and active outdoor playtime. Within our well-structured toddler programs, your child will have plenty of choices with which to express his or her blossoming independence and self-confidence.

Your Toddler’s Early Development

Walking and talking at age two, your child is especially inquisitive about the world, and these are prime years for learning. The brain’s ability to develop with new stimuli is greatest in children under three because this is when trillions of brain-cell connections called neural synapses form. Unfortunately, synapses that fail to connect are lost forever. Our learning centers for toddlers are designed to stimulate early development through fun, engaging activities.

  • Cognitive: A host of factors influence brain development during these formative years. Chief among them are the safety and security of the environment, responsiveness of caregivers, and exposure to talking, reading, singing, and other mentally stimulating activities.
  • Social-Emotional: Understanding individual feelings and the feelings of others, managing emotions in a constructive manner, regulating behavior, and maintaining relationships are essential to healthy Social-Emotional development in toddlers. Positive ongoing relationships with nurturing caregivers and communication about thoughts and feelings are important as toddlers discover themselves, peers, and adults.
  • Physical: Eager to explore the world around them and their newfound physical abilities, toddlers’ little bodies sometimes struggle to keep up with their imagination. As their gross and fine motor skills continue to develop, toddlers need plenty of safe indoor and outdoor spaces to walk, jump, run, and play.

Developmental Activities Include:

  • Discovery Time: Toddlers learn best through exploration and discovery, and there’s no better place for this than playtime. Whether casting spells as a wizard, building with blocks, or painting a mini masterpiece, your little one can imagine to their heart’s content with our abundant array of props, costumes, and arts-and-crafts materials.
  • Early Learning: We nurture your toddler’s budding enthusiasm for learning through our skills-based curriculum, which is full of fun, age-appropriate activities involving language, colors, and shapes.
  • Communication: Exposure to language and participation in conversation in the first three years of life lays the foundation for cognitive thought, reading comprehension, and healthy socialization. In our toddler daycare, your tot will be encouraged to talk, talk, talk with teachers and other toddlers.
  • Socialization: Our nurturing teachers guide your little one through his or her first friendships with group songs, finger play, stories, and movement activities.
  • Growing Independence: As toddlers forge their identities, they want independence. Whether washing hands, picking up toys, or putting on a coat, children have plenty of opportunities to do things “their way” in our toddler programs.
  • Fun with Fitness: Toddlers learn and express independence through movement, while also developing important motor skills. In our daycare for toddlers, your youngster dances and frolics with music and games. The fun doesn’t stop there—we send home activities and healthy recipes for the family to share.

Play Based Learning

The experiences and interactions your child has during his or her first three years are critical to lifelong success. At Eagle’s Nest Development Center, we understand that toddlers learn best through exploration, experimentation, discovery—and, most of all, fun. We’ve designed our toddler programs to engage your youngster in playful, entertaining ways while also constructing the strong neural scaffolding upon which later skills will be built.

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